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Kevin M. McKenney is the founder of K-Mack Financial, LLC., and has over 34 years in the financial industry with the last 25 years at Northern Trust. K-Mack Financial, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor. We do not receive any fees or commissions from any bank, brokerage house, or insurance company. Our investment decisions are not influenced by any criteria that would benefit us at the expense of the client.

5 Estate Planning Tips for 2016

With the new year upon us, it’s a good time to make sure your plans for the future are up to date and you have the proper tools in place.

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Why Spouses Probably Shouldn’t Delay Social Security Benefits

The decision of whether to delay Social Security benefits is a trade-off: give up benefits now, in exchange for higher payments in the future.

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A Peek at the Market

While 2015 had its share of volatility and ended with virtually no gains in stocks, 2016 sprinted to the downside with volatile global markets, a bifurcated U.S. economy, and the first rate hike in a decade.

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Is Netflix the Next Home Shopping Network?

Netflix grew so significantly in 2015 that the market capitalization of Netflix marched past CBS, Inc. in April, 2015 and never looked back. Should you be investing? Here's more information.

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Congress Approves Tax Extender Legislation

Last week, the House Ways and Means committee came to an agreement for key legislation to renew the so-called “Tax Extenders,” a series of tax provisions that...

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A New Challenge from the Market

Pinnacle’s Chief Investment Officer, Rick Vollaro, looks at the mixed market data and says it’s time for investor caution.

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Did Congress Just Kill Your Social Security Strategy?

If you were hoping to execute a ‘File and Suspend’ collection strategy of your Social Security benefits, you only have a few months remaining.

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Differences between Fee-Only & Fee-Based Financial Advisors

What is the difference between a Fee-Only Financial Advisor and a Fee-Based Financial Advisor? Find out in the explanatory article.

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A Time For Caution

The third quarter came in like a lamb and went out like a lion, as the return of volatility hit risk assets hard across the globe. As in previous

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Picking Your Financial Advisors – Pick Your Abbreviations Carefully

There are over 100 designations used by various financial advisors. Here's how to understand these abbreviations when picking your financial advisors.

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