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Kevin M. McKenney is the founder of K-Mack Financial, LLC., and has over 34 years in the financial industry with the last 25 years at Northern Trust. K-Mack Financial, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor. We do not receive any fees or commissions from any bank, brokerage house, or insurance company. Our investment decisions are not influenced by any criteria that would benefit us at the expense of the client.

How to Improve Your Investment Results in a Bad Stock Market

This may sound simple-minded and self-evident but it is surprising how investors pay more than they should for their investment choices.

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5 Things You Need to Know About the New FAFSA Rules

With the arrival of autumn, students are back at school and either preparing for college or already navigating it. While they further their academic careers, their parents wrestle with the current or future cost of higher education and the complexities of the financial aid system. As parents consider their options for financial aid, they learn [...]

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What is a Stock Index?

Investors use indexes as proxies for the stock market, or other financial markets. These proxies are useful as a means of comparing portfolios or different parts of the market. Indexes that are used as a means to compare performance are often called benchmark indexes, and they can be grouped together to form a blended benchmark.

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Not All Bear Markets Are Created Equal

while many believe we’re experiencing a ‘garden variety pullback’ that provides us with a buying opportunity, we believe there’s a growing probability that the long running cyclical bull market may be transitioning into a cyclical bear market.

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How We’re Responding to Market Events

With markets still reeling from a volatile week, Pinnacle Chief Investment Officer Rick Vollaro surveys the financial evidence and describes how we're responding in our portfolios.

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Our Response to Recent Market Events

It is hard to believe that in three trading days, the market has penned its first 10% correction in over 900 trading days. This decline may be an ...

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Six Questions to Ask Before Buying That Vacation Home

With a humid mid-Atlantic summer in full swing, many Marylanders are entertaining the idea of purchasing a vacation home.

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When It Comes to Greece

Current news accounts report on the accounts and conversations of the European leaders about where they stand on Greece’s debt.

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Will Greece Trip Up the Bull?

The headlines out of Greece are coming fast – deal, no deal, default, referendum, etc. It’s enough to make investors’ heads spin trying to keep up with the news flow. Markets have been volatile this week in reaction to the back and forth, and the rising possibility that Greece may leave the Eurozone. Investors are [...]

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VIDEO: Markets, Positioning, and Themes

In this Pinnacle Market Update, Chief Investment Officer Rick Vollaro looks at the mixed economic evidence and outlines our investment position.

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