Fee-only advisors can only receive compensation directly from you (similar to a CPA or attorney), versus a Fee-Based advisor that can collect both a fee from you as well as receive commissions and other compensation from their broker-dealer or vendor that provides the financial product (mutual funds, annuities, unit trusts, etc.)

fee only financial advisor

A Fee-only advisor typically either charges a rate based on the percentage of assets they manage for you or they charge an hourly rate for services rendered.

A Fee-based advisor can receive fees from multiple sources.  Advisors generally must disclose how they are compensated at least at the beginning of the relationship in a brochure or application.  They do not however have to disclose all the forms of compensation they receive on an ongoing basis (such as your monthly statement).  One such broker’s brochure states how their brokers (Fee-based advisor) are paid as follows:

“A portion of the fees charged for products and services go to the financial advisors in the form of commissions.  Advisors may receive sales awards or financial incentives for the sale of a particular product.  Advisors may receive referral fees when advising clients to choose certain banking or insurance products.  Mutual fund companies as well as other financial vendors may reward our advisors with sales incentives, sales loads or ongoing marketing fees.  Product companies may pay for training which may include the cost of travel, lodging, meals, entertainment, recreation or gifts to attend.”

A Fee-only advisor receives none of the above compensation packages and as such does not have at least a perceived conflict of interest when choosing one investment over another for their client.


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