We believe that a financial plan is not a thick document that sits on a shelf gathering dust, or a stack of investment reports with pretty graphs, or a file filled with your information. We believe that financial planning is a process, which is integrated, coordinated, and is the ongoing management of your financial concerns. Any and all financial decisions should be made within the context of a financial plan, with your long term goals in mind.

Planning for financial security is about taking a proactive role in your financial future and making informed choices. As such, comprehensive financial planning is a key component of our wealth management offering. We’ll assess all areas of your financial life – income, expenses, debt, retirement savings, insurance, taxes, estate planning, and investments – and take a coordinated approach to guide us to the best solutions for you.

We think the most important part of financial planning is an understanding of your unique circumstances. We therefore take the time to uncover your attitude about money, clarify your financial objectives, and evaluate the current state of your finances. We then formulate plans and strategies that best fit your needs.

Sarasota’s Fee-Only Financial Planner

We are so much more than just the “financial planning” component of your financial picture. Our fee-only financial planning often helps coordinate the efforts of all of your financial professionals, often serving as the quarterback of your financial team. Always sitting on the same side of the table with you as an objective advisor regarding your long term financial goals. We take the time to thoroughly understand your goals and circumstances, and then craft your plan around them.

We provide you with the information that you need to make solid and knowledgeable decisions – the types of decisions that greatly impact your life and the lives of your family. The financial planning process we undertake together will provide direction and discipline. It integrates your assets with your financial goals and objectives. Financial planning is an ongoing process. As time passes or your goals or circumstances change, we’ll revisit your plan, and make appropriate modifications.

You need a plan, we have a process. Our financial planning services will help you define your investment objectives and achieve your financial goals.

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K-Mack Financial, LLC is a Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisor. We do not receive any fees or commissions
from any bank, brokerage
house, or insurance company.

Investment decisions are not
influenced by any criteria that would
benefit us at the expense of the client.
“K-Mack Financial, LLC is in the business of investment management and tax
planning. Decisions are not made as isolated incidents but with an eye on how investments impact taxes and how taxes impact investments.

Smart planning keeps taxes lower. Low tax preparation fees keep costs lower. We do both.