“I am proud to pay taxes in the United States. The only thing is I would be just as proud to pay half.” — Arthur Godfrey

Personal Tax Planning

Almost every financial decision you choose has tax implications. How you own, manage and eventually sell real estate can make a difference in your tax bill. What investments you make, where, and how you own them (retirement plan, taxable plan, etc.) can make a big difference in your taxes due. The U.S. government uses the tax code to incent you to make certain choices and those choices can reduce your taxes far more than the cost of tax preparation. The point to all these issues is that you should have an advisor that is on call for the full year; to be available when you are making these financial decisions, not just at year end. Generally, there is no charge to have this ongoing conversation throughout the year as you choose to invest, purchase a car, buy a house or any other decision that could impact your taxes.

Business Tax Planning

How you own, finance, sell or buy a business can have wide variations in taxes due. In addition, how you pay yourself and your employees can create differences in taxes payable. Smart advance planning may a significant difference in your annual after tax net income.

Tax Advice You Can Trust

Who you choose for tax planning and preparation is important. As fiduciaries and personal income tax specialists, we understand and use current and lawful strategies to minimize taxes and help you build wealth. We are working with you throughout the year, not just when it’s time to file your return, so we spot new opportunities for tax savings as they arise, and you have the necessary time to act on our advice.

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Smart planning keeps taxes lower. Low tax preparation fees keep costs lower. We do both.